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World's First Real Value-Based Blockchain Unicorn Project

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Soft Cap: $200millionHard Cap: $400million

Logistics Chain Introduction

Logistics chain is born from the application that designed for Commercial landing, is an ecological system that realizes value circulation through the development of entity landing. Logistics chain is the ultimate goal of all blockchain, building block chain economy with the entity landing, and endowing digital asset value with commercial profits.

Swifts.Express Competitive Advantage

The high-speed Rail Network
China's high-speed railway, with highly developed lines, can reach all cities within 10 hours at a speed of 350km/h.
Transportation speed
With the development of high-speed rail, Swifts.Express will surpass all logistics enterprises and achieve “all packages one day delivered” goal nationwide.
Terminal services
The services of the two terminals directly ensure the customer satisfaction and business foundation, and then avoid the loss and liability of the package.
Operation Mode
The standard price is 10 to 20 RMB, and the goods will be transported by direct circulation, which will be signed within one day within 3000 kilometers.
Logistics Overview
China's annual logistics volume is more than 40 billion RMB and its total production value is more than one trillion RMB. Logistics is a super industrial cluster with unlimited potential, and it is on the rise year by year. With the high-speed rail coverage, the old logistics transportation speed gradually presents a disadvantage. At the same time, the emergence of high-speed rail is a subversion of the old world of logistics.
Speed probelm of old logistics system

The transportation speed of traditional logistics enterprises serving customers is 3~5 days, mainly truck and road transportation.

Speed is the basis of the competition in the express industry, and also the key to change the balance of the logistics industry.

Transfer pain points

Goods transfer is a very important link in the logistics industry.
The pain points as follows

①Time consuming ②Perishable ③High cost

Swifts.Express Solution
We take high-speed railway as the transportation carrier to build a new logistics system. In order to reduce the transit flow of goods, direct circulation and high-speed circulation are adopted, and two terminals are “Door To Door Service” as the core. So can make sure to be delivered in 24 hours and change people's minds.
Ecology & application scenarios
Along with the landing of SwiftExpress and the completion of logistics chain, the SE coin can be used for enterprises' mail express service and other, and the cost of using it will be undertaken by enterprises.
Business development trend
The new logistics ecosystem we have built will be the first choice of customers, with the improvement of the whole system. We will eventually become the unicorn of the logistics industry. And we can get at least 20% of the market, business volume 8 billion, revenue about 160 billion RMB.
Trustworthy And Transparent
The system is designed to build Swifts Express to meet the needs of large-scale daily business. The logistics chain enables it to be distributed, encrypted and tamper-proof, so as to ensure the authenticity and security of the waybill data and achieve "credibility, security, efficiency and cost reduction". The characteristics of data tamper-proof and existence proof of time stamp can be well applied to solve the disputes between customers and subjects in the system, so as to achieve easy proof and accountability. The combination of data tampering and transaction traceability can eliminate the loss of products in the process of product circulation.
Technical Solution
On distributed security, distributed encryption, a distributed forwarding, distributed routing, distributed storage, distributed consensus identity, rights and interests of the distributed management and distributed management integrated after a new computing paradigm, realized the social general labor exchange registration, payment and liquidation; Through the registration and confirmation of each individual data producer, the pricing and delivery of contracts, as well as the recording, checking, reconciliation, sorting, auditing and sales of these processes; While protecting personal privacy and business secrets, it also promotes information disclosure and value circulation.
The Future Vision
There is no doubt that the speed advantage will make Swifts.Express to eventually become a company with hundreds of billions of market value.
SE Value
The value of SE currency comes from the application and circulation of real business operation scenarios. Swifts Express will use 50% of its annual profits to encourage ecology and buyback, so as to stabilize the continuous growth of SE
SE the only real value-based blockchain project. It is completely different from all the digital currencies on the market at present.

Logistics chain is the ultimate form of blockchain, which can continue to develop as it is endowed with value by productivity.

Project Development Line
Line Date
AugustAug2016 To investigate the feasibility of high-speed rail transportation
DecemberDec2016 Swifts.Express business plan
MarchMar2017 Entity venture capital and blockchain integration plan
JulyJul2017 Logistics chain Whitepaper
NovemberNov2017 A preliminary plan for high-speed rail cooperation
MayMay2018 Telegarm has a community of 700K people
JuneJun2018 SE Issuance
OctoberOct2018 SE login digital assets Exchange
DecemberDec2018 Four first-tier city outlets were put into trial operation
MayMay2019 Provincial capitals across the country opened operations
SeptemberSep2019 2000+ urban network operation


For an in-depth understanding of the business implementation advantages and plans of logistics chain, please read the white paper.
Official Whitepaper
70minute read
Read Whitepaper (EN)
Competitive Advantage
8minute read
Read Swifts.Express (EN)
6minute read
Read Tokenpaper (EN)

Token Sale (SE)

SE1 total billion,Available for purchase: 500 million.

Private Equity Public Offering PRE-SALE
SE Amount 100million 200million 200million
Price/Coin 1 USDT / 2.5 SE 1 USDT / 2 SE 1 USDT / 1.5 SE
Discount OFF OFF OFF

Payment Method

The minimum investment $1 ETH $1 ETH $1 ETH
The highest investment $100 ETH $100 ETH $100 ETH
SE Distribute
Fund5% Public Offering15%
Team5% Promotion5%
PRE-SALE15% Private Equity10%
Lock reserves45%
Money To Use
Project Construction20% Operating Data15%
Application Coverage15% Core Platform Development10%
Project Promotion10% Operations Management10%
Market Operation20%
Team introduction
Logistics chain team has rich experience in logistics industry and blockchain application.
  • Han YanNan
    The Founder
    Serial entrepreneur, senior marketing master, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology.
  • Liu Wenle
    Chief technologist
    Blockchain expert, Oxford University
  • Wang Yu
    Marketing director
    Senior marketing, many years of experience in physical operation.
  • Zhou Peng
    Design director. Co-founder
    Chief design officer with years of product experience.
  • Huang YunFeng
    Famous e-commerce expert
    Have 10 years of experience in logistics industry, graduated from Taiwan JiaoTong university.
    Li HePing
    Big data expert
    10 years of Internet experience, graduated from Fudan University.
  • Alexis Rakocevic
    Blockchain technologist
    Have extensive computer knowledge, software architect.
  • Andrew Irwin
    Blockchain technologist
    Serial entrepreneur, programmer.


Investment Adviser

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